Desmond Armstrong


Coaches Council


US Soccer National Hall of Famer: Desmond Armstrong.  His induction to the Hall of fame says it all. Along with an outstanding playing career, Desmond has achieved success throughout the ranks of the coaching arena. He has won championships at the State, Regional and National levels as well as served on the technical coaching staffs of several MLS clubs. One of Desmond’s strengths within the coaching realm is identifying talent and moving that talent onto the college, professional and international stage. He has also served on the Board of Directors for US Soccer and United Soccer Coaches (USC) formerly known as the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) providing a unique perspective on the landscape of soccer in the United States. 


In the backyards and on the playgrounds of the world, many of yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's Heroes are formed. Whether a child is destined to be a athletic star or a social worker, the experience that they encounter on the field of play can connect them to people all over the world. Through the use of sport with the intent on meeting children and families on a common playing field, we hope to broaden a players worldview.

The Coaches Council is replete with enthusiasm, insight and experience. We pull from not only personal experience, but from current professional coaches from across the globe to provide the best environment for success. We are motivated by seeing our work in the players on the field of play. Thank you for the opportunity for The Heroes to give your child the experience of the “World's Game”.