The Heroes selection process is designed to identify those players who can best exemplify success both technically and collectively.




Heroes Touring

This will serve as the natural outgrowth of The Heroes FA 2018 campaign. From each event an assessement of players is conducted to determine who will be offered an opportunity to test their abilities against their international counterpoint on foreign soil. The tour will be conducted over a ten day to two week period, which is enough time to capture the ambience of the culture while sharpening their experience.  

Heroes Select

The Heroes aim is to gather players from various leagues within Nashville for the expressed purpose of developing their talent by providing them with the opportunity to improve through playing with and against the highest level of competition. The teams that will be formed for the 2018 campaign will be pulled from the talented pool of players throughout TN and its surrounding states. We have had several teams attend the US Club Soccer Regional Tournament over the years and hope to again capture the Regional Title and the National Cup.

Heroes Pre-Travel

Designed to address the recreation team and player who have outgrown recreation league play and are looking for greater competition without traveling outside of Nashville. Teams from NACS, Stem Prep and East Nash Soccer are the founding members of The Heroes Pre-Travel League

Heroes ENS

The mission of East Nash Soccer is to provide a premium youth soccer league that prioritizes player development through essential core footskills and coaching excellence. East Nash Soccer serves as the vehicle by which Coach Desmond can affect the development of the player's skills from inception.